Top 10 Horror movies on Netflix you haven’t seen

October 31, 2017

In honor of Halloween, I thought I would put together a top 10 list of what you should be watching for a good old fashion scare.  I know that there are some classics currently available to stream on Netflix, such as The Sixth Sense, but why not step out of your comfort zone a bit and experiment with some lesser known titles?  

The criteria for this list is simple.  Low budget, little known horror movies that are ranked by my personal tastes.  I assure you, for horror fans, you’ll find at least one film you’ll like in this list.  

Number 10

After Pennywise in 1990 and before Pennywise in 2017, Eli Roth provided us with his own version of an insane clown.  This is the movie that teaches you never to try on used costumes.

Number 9

Korea…. well South Korea, has actually produced some great films, many of which you can find on Netflix.  Their take on the “creature feature” resulted in a very entertaining film, definitely worth a look.

Number 8

Do not be fooled by the cartoonish looking poster for this film.  It is actually a pretty creepy, solid horror film from across the pond in Ireland. This one will make you think twice before you buy that  house in the woods you saw on 

Number 7

This one is definitely on the low end of the low-budget horror genre.  Fans of Hellraiser will definitely want to check out this little gem for its great practical effects.

Number 6

This movie is the horror genre’s response to the question, “How do we keep young adults from having unprotected sex?”  This one is definitely original.

Number 5

This one starts as one type of horror movie, then progresses to another style before finally ending as a third type of horror movie.  Sounds crazy and a bit vague, but it works in this movie, trust me.

Number 4

The Japanese have always had a distinctive taste when it comes to their horror films.  Their take is so unique, that many of their films were remade for American audiences.  This one is as good if not better than many of those films.  Be forewarned though, this one is a slow burner, but MAN, does it pay off in the end.

Number 3

This one has great atmosphere, better than most horror films coming out today.  For most of the film you won’t know if the bad guy is just crazy or possessed.  Why not watch and find out?  For a full review of this flick, check out the A-Z section.

Number 2

I heard about this film after quite a bit of hype.  Often times films simply cannot live up to the praise thrown upon it by the first to view it.  For The Babadook, however, the hype is well deserved.  This movie, like The Devil’s Candy, tends to be ambiguous with what is happening to the protagonist, which is the reason this film is an excellent example of psychological horror.

Number 1

This one is ultra-low budget, even the quality of the film is quite grainy.  However, what this film lacks in budget, it makes up for in creep factor and originality.  If you want to find out who the King of Hell is, stream this one tonight.

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