The Punisher Trailer 2

Oct 21, 2017
Marc C

It looks like the secret is out, Netflix formally announced the release date for its much anticipated Punisher solo outing.  Marvel fans have been waiting for The Punisher since John Bernthal made his appearance in Daredevil season 2.  Check out the video below for the second trailer. The Punisher Season

Episode 7- Minisode

Oct 18, 2017
Marc C

On this minisode we review Raw, The Survivalist and The Gifted.  We also have a spoiler review for Colossal that does contain a spoiler reference to Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Remember to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher and Youtube, as always reviews and comments are welcome.

On the couch: Colossal

Oct 18, 2017
Marc C

Director: Nacho Vigalondo Starring: Anne Hathaway Dan Stevens Jason Sudeikis   Why do you go to the movies?  Do you go for escapism? To escape the everyday droning of politics and work.  Perhaps you use films as a mental break, you don’t really want to think about the film, you

Episode 6

Oct 14, 2017
Marc C

Lots of topics were hit on this episode.  We talk about the Hollywood controversy, so am I the only one who sees all the hypocrites involved in this? Let’s breakdown the big trailers from Justice League, Star Wars, Stranger Things and the surprise New Mutants.  We touch base on what

The Babysitter

Oct 14, 2017
Marc C

Director: McG Starring: Samara Weaving Hana Mae Lee Judah Lewis   Films can be based on true events or be about galaxies far, far away, there are no set rules.  The key to a good movie isn’t simply whether it is based on the girl next door or an alien

New Mutants trailer

Oct 13, 2017
Marc C

Horror and Marvel mutants?  Looks like the folks at Fox are looking to put a new twist on the superhero comic-book genre by adding in some scary imagery.  Check out the video below to get your first look at the new addition to the cinematic X-men universe. The New Mutants

On the couch: The Survivalist

Oct 11, 2017
Marc C

Director: Stephen Fingleton Starring: Martin McCann Mia Goth Olwen Fouere   Movies tend to have an innate ability to elicit an emotional response from the audience, assuming the film is any good of course.  You can feel angry or scared or even frustrated, all of these emotions should be by

On the Couch: Raw

Oct 10, 2017
Marc C

Director: Julia Ducournau Starring: Garrance Marillier Ella Rumpf   Some films are so “out there,” so bizarre, that they garner quite a bit of buzz.  Often times this buzz is well earned, the film is good, perhaps because the plot is original or maybe the gimmick was clever.  While strolling