Episode 16

November 18, 2017

Welcome movie maniacs!  I touch base with some new trailers for you today and of course what has become the weekly segment of fresh hollywood allegations, spoiler, a woman has now been accused #equalopportunity.  We dive into the extremely suspicious activities of Rotten Tomatoes, who are we kidding Warner Brothers combined forces to shield the Justice League score.  With that we talk about the JL opening weekend and why it is so low. Let’s face it, comic book people aren’t as smart about movies as they think they are.   What’s up with Ben Affleck? He might not be Batman anymore.  We go into the new movies from Sony and how they are now involved acquiring Fox and talk a bit about George Miller suing Warner Brothers.  Lord of the Rings is coming back, thanks AMAZON ? If you missed SNICK, tune in for the Are You Afraid of the Dark News and finish up talking about what Netflix should do with The Irishman.

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