Episode 19

Dec 12, 2017
Marc C

Trailers: Avengers, Jurassic World and Batman Ninja.  I talk about how much money Warner Bros and Disney have made this year, hint: It’s a lot.  Henry Cavil came out against the Snyder version of Superman, Cavil likes his Supes to be happy 🙂 .  I touch base with the petition

Episode 18

Nov 27, 2017
Marc C

Box Office talk, was Justice League a success? More Shenanigans in the La La Land scandals as someone elected to take a lie detector test to prove their innocence.  Just how much will the new Star War movie make? On that note, is Harrison Ford more badass than Han Solo? 

Episode 17- minisode

Nov 22, 2017
Marc C

Hello movie maniacs!  We skipped the box office talk this week to keep the show trim.  I know I usually do 4 reviews, but Justice League required some extra time. Enjoy! Future Man: :45  Rating 7/10 Punisher: 6:05  Rating 7/10 Justice League: 16:05  Rating 5.5/10

Episode 16

Nov 18, 2017
Marc C

Welcome movie maniacs!  I touch base with some new trailers for you today and of course what has become the weekly segment of fresh hollywood allegations, spoiler, a woman has now been accused #equalopportunity.  We dive into the extremely suspicious activities of Rotten Tomatoes, who are we kidding Warner Brothers

Justice League

Nov 18, 2017
Marc C

Director: Zack Snyder Starring: Gal Gadot Ben Affleck Jason Mamoa Ray Fisher Ezra Miller Quick question, why do you go the movies? Why does anyone go to the movies?  I bet some, many or perhaps all of you think that there are simply too many reasons to be able to

Episode 15- minisode

Nov 16, 2017
Marc C

Let’s touch base with the usual box office talk and why the heck Rotten Tomatoes is withholding their score for Justice League.  We do our weekly reviews as well for: War of the Planet of The Apes: 12:35 MindHunter: 18:05 Lego Batman: 22:18 Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang: 24:50

Episode 14

Nov 11, 2017
Marc C

Lots to cover today!  I talk about some new trailers: Gamenight, Samson, Star Wars and a Justice League Clip.  We jump into the Justice League Expectations regarding opening numbers and reviews with the movie opening up next weekend including thoughts from the cast and Warner Bros including who the real

Episode 13- Minisode

Nov 08, 2017
Marc C

Review minisode, we have our weekly boxoffice talk and review 4 films with one additional recommendation. Thor:Ragnarok: 6:10 Stranger Things 2: 12:13 The Mist: 20:30 Free Fire: 25:10 Predestination: 27:25